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100% free available and designed to support small wordpress owner like yourself. Download wordpress security checklist eBook for free and secure your wordpress instances.

free wordpress security checklist ebook

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No more hacks

This checklist will help you to safeguard your wordpress website which could prevent hacks.

No more headaches

It’s time to stop thinking about fixing hacks, hiring experts, and spending money.

Download the free wordpress security checklist eBook.

Let me tell you why

I’ve seen several numbers of wordpress hacks already which is unfortunate but Do you know why they’re/were hacked in the first place?

It is because of wordpress user is too lazy to tweak a few settings.

But wait,

I’m pretty sure you’re not one those lazy guys out there because you are on this page which means you’re finding the way to secure the wordpress site.

It’s definitely amazing of you and of course I got you covered.

I have a detailed guide on how to secure wordpress website if you’re interested.

How the Free WordPress Security Checklist is Beneficial?

You might be wondering how this is going to help your WordPress site. Let me explain why

Good Brand reputation.

No headache to resolve the hack.

Save money on hiring wordpress expert to fix the hack.

No hack means No impact on SEO or Ranking.

Most importantly, The WordPress security checklist is available for free.

Download Free WP Security Checklist

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