Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

Premium managed wordpress hosting with server side caching enabled(NGINX+FastCGI) to boost your website performance.

Hassle free, single pricing.


Billed every 3 months. We accept payment through Stripe, Paypal & Razorpay

One WordPress Site (Extreme Performance)

4GB Ram & 2 CPU Server

50GB NVMe Disk Space (Faster)

1000GB Bandwidth Per Month.

Ultra fast Caching (NGINX FastCGI + Redis Object Caching)

Server locations: Australia, London, Netherlands, Singapore, Chicago & Dallas US (upcloud server)

Your WordPress is Managed by us

Multiple Security Firewall Layers to Protect Your WordPress.

Managed Regular WordPress, Themes & Plugin Updates

Backup Every 24-Hours with 30 Days Retention (stored offsite)

Fully Managed WordPress Security + VirusDie 24X7 Malware Scanner.

Free WordPress Hack Clean

Cloudflare/DNS Management

Proactive Website Monitoring

Expert WordPress Support

– 20% with annual billing.

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While you dedicate your time and effort to your business, we will handle all the rest for you.

We are pleased to introduce the modern WordPress managed platform built by WPzonify on our high-performance cloud infrastructure that offers absolutely stellar speed, scale and security backed by the same great support and expertise that you love.

We mean that when we say “fully managed“, we mean exactly that. Not only do we offer the hosting infrastructure but also providing WordPress maintenance services that include monthly WordPress updates, themes, plugins, as well as daily malware scans.

I can simply purchase Digital Ocean 4GB Ram server at $20 per month. Why should I pay you $49 per month?

We are aware of the fact that you may find it far cheaper with Digital Ocean but comparing “Fully Managed” hosting to digital ocean unmanaged server makes absolutely no sense. We are primarily focused on offering fully managed wordpress hosting with extreme performance for WordPress websites.

When you host on unmanaged servers, you never know when you’ll get infected with malware, and you’ll have to find server management admins to tweak your server, which will cost you more money and consider what would happen if your website was infected with malware. You’ll have to employ expensive hack repair experts on top of what you already pay for hosting, but with us, it’s all included for free and we clean your wordpress site before migrating to our servers.

Not only will additional services such as hack repair, server admin jobs, standard wordpress management, backups, and so on become incredibly expensive, you would spend a significant amount of time troubleshooting errors on your own. You can absolutely rely on our service and use the same time to run your business while we make sure everything is running smoothly.

What is included in “WordPress is fully Managed by us”

Being transparent is what priority we want to put in. As you can see, our plan with the “WordPress is managed by us” feature is very special, and no other fully managed host can match it. However, we don’t want users to burden our support staff’s time by asking questions that aren’t within our support scope.

Here is what included under “WordPress Managed by us” : These are things we do which going to save tons of time & business reputation.

  • Updates to WordPress, plugins, and themes on a monthly basis: These updates are first performed on a staging server, after which we update the WordPress site. This means that the latest updates are comfortable.WordPress security tweaks are made on a monthly basis, and plugins and themes are updated as soon as security patches are issued.
  • Doing regular backups at the server and wordpress application levels every 24 hours. Both backups will be held on offsite servers, and we will help you restoring them at any point in time.
  • Regularly scanning your wordpress files to ensure that no malware has been injected by any attackers. Every 24 hours, We use Virusdie professional software that can scan all of your wordpress files, with on-demand scanning available at any time and Guaranteed safeguard from hackers.
  • We will assist you in determining the warnings and error messages on your WordPress site, as well as assisting you in resolving these error warnings.

*Editing wordpress site, designing, coding does not fall under our support scope, but we will quote custom pricing for such requirements.

Do you offer Enterprise Solution with more server resources?

Yes, absolutely. We provide a cost-effective and budget-friendly Enterprise Solution. We charge a little more than our server vendor charges for extra server resources. If you want to add another 4GB of RAM to your server, for example, we will charge you an additional $20-$30 per month.

For more, We ask you to reach out to us with your project details, and we will quote pricing accordingly.

Cost Calculator

You will be surprised at how expensive it could be when you host your site on a normal hosting.

Alternative Services
What you pay

WordPress Hack Clean


Managed Security

$50-$100 per month

Redis Object Caching

$100/month at Kinsta

WordPress Maintenance Services

$30 per month

VirusDie Premium per site

$15 per month

Premium Backup Solution

$10 per month

Sucuri WAF (firewall)

$10 per month

Total Cost without hosting

$265 /month

Cost calculator is Disabled on Mobile. Please check from desktop. Thank you

It’s all included at just $49 per month with Fully managed hosting.

The on-boarding process.

You can sign up for a 14 days free trial when migrating from another provider to us.

01) Get 14 Managed WordPress Hosting Free Trial

We offer a 14 day free trial period to test out our services with no strings attached that allows you to experience how we serve your site and find whether or not our services work for you.

02) Getting you started

We simply ask you to assist us with a few essential things to begin either migrating to us or helping you to launch a brand new website. This includes tweaking, hardening security, and tons of other things.


Now officially on WPzonify managed hosting. Your fully managed WordPress hosting will be accessible with instructions to contact the WordPress staff if you need any help.

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